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Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that every adult in Adelaide can reclaim their confidence and smile with pride.
A smiling woman with braces on her teeth during a dental check-up, with a dentist's hands in blue gloves holding tools near her mouth.
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Your Perfect Smile Awaits, With Braces

A straight smile is everyone’s desire, yet not all are fortunate to naturally have one. While orthodontics is often associated with children and teens, an increasing number of adults in Adelaide are seeking the magic of braces. Understandably, many adults prefer treatments that aren’t immediately noticeable. At our Cumberland Park clinic, Dr. Jack & Angela Gaffey are well-equipped with the latest advancements to offer solutions tailored for adults.

For those aiming for even quicker results, there’s Six Month Smiles. Proudly, we’re the sole certified providers in South Australia for this treatment. Catering to both minor and moderate dental adjustments, it promises a transformed smile in just six months.

Budget concerns? We’ve got you covered. Our mission is ensuring you get your dream smile without financial stress. Our accommodating payment plans are designed to make your orthodontic journey seamless and worry-free. After all, your confidence and smile are paramount to us.

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Why Adults Need Braces?

In Adelaide, there’s a growing trend among adults seeking braces, not just for the aesthetic appeal but to regain their long-lost confidence.

The ability to smile freely without self-consciousness can drastically improve one’s well-being and self-esteem.

Our practice is rooted in delivering consistently outstanding results, thanks to the latest technology and the expertise of our informative clinicians.

The journey to a radiant smile is made even more pleasant by our warm and friendly staff, who ensure that every patient feels valued and understood. With care tailored to each individual’s needs, our supportive environment aids in alleviating apprehensions or anxieties.

At the heart of our practice is a simple belief: when you look good, you feel great.

A close-up of a woman with braces having a dental examination, with a dentist's hand in a purple glove holding an instrument.
A dentist's hands in pink gloves holding a dental mold with braces fitted on it.

Adult Braces Use Cases & Benefits

Correction of Dental Issues

Addresses misalignments, overcrowding, and spacing gaps between teeth.

Prevention of Oral Health Issues

Minimises risks of gum diseases and other complications related to misaligned teeth.

Enhanced Oral Hygiene

Straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing plaque build-up and potential cavities.

Boosted Confidence

A straight smile often leads to enhanced self-esteem in social and professional settings.

Aesthetic Appeal

Achieve a more symmetrical and appealing smile, enhancing overall facial aesthetics.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Addressing issues early can prevent more costly dental treatments in the future.

Bring Back Your Smile with the 6 Month Smiles (6MS) Adult Braces

Are you longing for straight teeth but hesitant about traditional braces that take years? Do veneers seem too invasive, or have you been discouraged by quotes exceeding $7,000? If these questions strike a chord, it’s time to explore your options with Dr. Jack Gaffey at Cumberland Dental.
Revolutionary 6MS Braces Technology.

At Cumberland Dental, we understand your concerns. That’s why we offer 6 Month Smiles (6MS) braces, an innovative solution that promises to straighten your teeth in just half the time of traditional braces, moving them quickly and safely into alignment. While 6MS is highly effective in most cases, it’s important to note that it may not address all bite discrepancies. Dr. Gaffey will ensure you’re fully informed about your treatment plan from the beginning.
Aesthetically Pleasing and Effective.

This method is not just fast; it’s also aesthetically pleasing. With clear brackets that are virtually invisible, 6MS treats crowding and spacing while maintaining your natural look. These brackets, though discreet, are as effective as their metal counterparts.

A woman smiling as a dentist examines her teeth with a dental mirror and a probe.

Personalised Consultation

Why settle for a treatment coordinator when you can discuss your dental future with an actual dentist? Dr. Gaffey will provide you with a realistic timeframe for your treatment and a 3D model of your future smile. At Cumberland Dental, you’re not just a patient; you’re a valued member of our boutique practice.

Advanced 3D Scanning Technology

Experience the future of orthodontic planning with our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. This advanced system allows us to create a precise digital model of your teeth. You’ll be amazed to see the potential transformation, visualising exactly how your teeth will look post-treatment. This innovative approach not only enhances your understanding of the process but also allows for more accurate and personalised treatment planning.

Affordable Payment Plans

Concerned about affordability? Our interest-free payment plans, starting from $50 per week, make it easier than ever to begin your journey towards a straighter smile. Forget about the long waits and uncertainties of traditional orthodontics or porcelain veneers. In just six months – the time between regular cleaning appointments – you can achieve a confident “Cumberland Dental Smile.”


Types of Braces for Adults

Traditional braces

These are strong metallic or tooth coloured ceramic braces with individual brackets cemented onto each tooth. These brackets are connected with an arch wire which exerts constant gentle pressure onto the teeth.


These are clear, tray-shaped aligners which are placed for a certain amount of time daily. They are nearly invisible, can be removed whenever necessary, and these are more comfortable than the traditional braces.

$0 Deposit Payment Plan

We’re thrilled to offer a seamless partnership with HUMM, providing you the convenience of purchasing now and paying later through easy, interest-free installments. Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs – with $0 deposit required, achieving your dental goals has never been more accessible. Let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams, without the financial stress. Explore our services today and experience the freedom of flexible payment options with Cumberland Dental and HUMM.

*conditions apply

What Our Patients Say About Us

Cristiano Oliveira de Moraes
Cristiano Oliveira de Moraes
I had my expectations exceeded since I came for the first time. I had an amazing customer service and professionalism from the reception team till the end of my treatment. Specially by doctor Jack and his assistants who made me feel comfortable and provided me an outstanding treatment exceeding the result that I expected. After my experience, now I feel confident to soon have my wife’s Invisalign treatment started with doctor Jack. Thanks to everyone from Cumberland Dental Orthodontics
Shreya Gopuran
Shreya Gopuran
Just got my braces off !!! my teeth look amazing, and i’m in love with them. Dr Jack did so well and he took time to make sure i was happy with my end result! Couldn’t recommend this place enough to anyone thinking about getting braces, the service is incredible and all the staff are ever so sweet and really made me feel welcome and safe, so grateful to have gone through this journey with such kind people. Thank you to all the staff xo
Very professional and informative. My smile has improved drastically and my confidence has never been higher.
Dana Stewart
Dana Stewart
I had the most fantastic experience at Cumberland Dental. I had the pleasure of being treated by Jack for my braces and I could not be happier with the results. Each consultation was explained to me in detail, ensuring I was comfortable and supported throughout my entire journey. All the staff are fantastic and were extremely accomodating and supportive during my treatment. I highly recommend!
Daniel Greenhill
Daniel Greenhill
Jack and his team have been amazing to deal with and have helped me enormously to get a better smile. If you are thinking of getting Invisaline or braces he is the man to see.
Brandy Leesha
Brandy Leesha
Dr. Jack is spot on!! Loved the way teeth turnd out
joclyne zaitidis
joclyne zaitidis
Braces for my 13/14yo came off today and very happy with the results. Very affordable and fuss-free process. Staff are lovely and accomodating with making/changing appointment times around school hours. Couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.
Arina Kuznetsova
Arina Kuznetsova
Amazing and very welcoming team that were very helpful throughout my journey. Strongly recommend this place and Dr. Jack if you want the best possible results!
Very professional dental practice. My son is having his orthodontic work (Braces) with Dr Jack Gaffey and loves going to his appointments. Staff are fantastic too!!!
Peter Hylton
Peter Hylton
I was very pleased with the dental work done. Angela explained the process and stages of the work and completed the work on budget. I would refer her professional approach and that of her capable staff at Cumberland Dental to others.

Adult Braces Transformation Gallery
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Class I Extractions 4's
Class II Div II Non Exoo
Crowding Anterior
Deep Bite
Extractions Upper 4's

Adelaide Adult Braces FAQs

What types of braces are available in Adelaide?

Adelaide offers a wide range of braces to cater to various orthodontic needs. Traditional metal braces are commonly available and are known for their effectiveness. For those seeking less visible options, ceramic braces and clear braces are popular choices.

Another alternative gaining popularity, especially among adults and teenagers, is Invisalign, which consists of clear, removable aligners. Lingual braces, which are attached to the back of the teeth and are invisible from the front, are also an option provided by some clinics. Additionally, lingual braces, which are attached to the back of the teeth, are offered for individuals prioritising aesthetics however they can severely impact speech in some cases.

How much do braces typically cost in Adelaide?

The cost of braces in Adelaide varies depending on the type and complexity of the braces. Traditional metal braces are generally the most affordable option, with prices typically ranging between AUD 5,000 and AUD 8,000. Ceramic or clear braces, which are more aesthetically pleasing, tend to cost a bit more, usually around AUD 6,500 to AUD $10,000.

Invisalign aligners, known for their convenience and aesthetic appeal, are in a similar price range. These are approximate figures, and the actual cost can vary. Most clinics offer consultations to provide a more accurate cost estimate, and many have payment plans to help manage the cost.

How long does a typical braces treatment last in Adelaide?

The duration of braces treatment in Adelaide typically ranges from 18 to 24 months, but it can vary depending on the individual’s orthodontic needs. Simple adjustments might take less time, whereas more complex alignments and bite corrections can take longer. Factors such as the patient’s age, the type of braces used, and adherence to treatment recommendations also influence the treatment length. Regular appointments for adjustments are essential for the progress of the treatment.Other treatments such as 6 Month Smiles may take only 6 months to achieve a straight smile. Dr Jack uses many of these techniques to reduce the time taken with braces.

Are there any age restrictions for getting braces in Adelaide?

There are no strict age restrictions for getting braces in Adelaide. While braces are often associated with children and teenagers, adults can also undergo orthodontic treatment. The primary consideration is the health of the teeth and gums. Children typically start treatment between the ages of 7 and 14, which coincides with the development of their permanent teeth. However, adults seeking to improve their dental alignment are increasingly common, and options like Invisalign make braces more appealing to this demographic.

What should I expect during the initial consultation for braces in Adelaide?

During the initial consultation for braces in Adelaide, a comprehensive examination of the teeth, jaws, and facial structure is conducted. This includes taking X-rays, photographs, and digital scans to assess the bite, teeth position, and any specific orthodontic issues.

The best person for your orthodontic needs will discuss your dental history, address any concerns, and understand your treatment goals. They will recommend the most suitable type of braces, explain the treatment process, estimated duration, and the costs involved. This consultation is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any apprehensions. The aim is to provide a clear understanding of the treatment plan and to ensure it is tailored to your individual needs.

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